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Live by Faith…But How?

Live By Faith But how? The 6th century Greek philosopher named Xenophanes wrote: “If horses had gods, they would look like horses.” Explains why I grew up thinking of God as this big dude (a bigger and unlimited version of me) in the sky who was neither limited nor weak like I am but who […]

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God is…a Thief!

God, a Thief? Hm… In Christianity, the word is “Watchful.” In Buddhism, the word is “Mindful.” In both, the idea is the same. Being prepared when spiritual awareness dawns…or, to assist in its dawning. It is that moment, or many of them, when grace appears…when God is…when God, as a thief…yes…that IS what Jesus said, […]

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Snowflake in Winter

Snowflake in Winter Want to bring yourself instantly into the Eternal Presence? And, there remain? Forever? Do this… At the very moment a thought of God pops into your head… At the precise instant a sensation comes over you that is nothing short of sacred…like that feeling you might get at opening the shades on […]

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Church…Donald Trump: What They Share in Common

Church…Donald Trump. Has the American church lost its way? Has Donald Trump? I suppose it depends on who you ask. Personally, I think the Church…Donald Trump, both have lost their way. In fact, I think the church is in serious trouble. I think before long Donald Trump will be, too. People are leaving the church, […]

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Is the Church Dying?

Is the Church Dying? Very often, I get emails from strangers who have read one of the many things I’ve written over the years for the Huffington Post or the Washington Post on the fate of the Church in America. I got another email again yesterday. This time, the inquirer, himself a writer himself for […]

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Storms: Navigating Life’s Storms

I’m thinking about those times in life when the doubts of faith are many and the difficulties of life are manifold. Thank God, on the sailing journey of life, those times are few. Do you remember that time when Simon Peter and the other disciples were sailing on the Sea of Galilee (Matt 14)? Suddenly, […]

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Knowing God: How to Know God

Knowing God: Is it Possible? There is no religious belief that, once you know it or say you believe it, will magically unlock the door to God. So, I would advise you to remember this: the impulse you feel to know God…that impulse IS God.  But, having said that, don’t get too attached even to […]

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Money and Our Weird Relationship to It

I read a story today shared by one of my Facebook friends whom I’ll simply refer to as Joe. It is a powerful, illustrative story shared by the Lutheran Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton about money and our weird relationship to it. Money! Here’s her story in her own words: “A church in the Northeastern Ohio […]

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Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen?

For your faith to remain vital you must question it, then affirm it, and then let it die. Spiritual Growth Then, you repeat the process. Do not be discouraged by this cycle of birth and death. Every death makes possible the birth of something grander, even more glorious. Death and resurrection is only a one […]

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