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Conscious Leaders are more than just competent business or religious leaders. They are leaders deeply connected to themselves, to others, and to this world. They know the interconnectedness of all things and, as a consequence, they seek to lead from this profound awareness.  As a conscious leadership coach and spiritual teacher himself, Dr. Steve McSwain guides leaders and professional people, companies and faith-based organizations in learning and living by the leadership laws of success.  One-on-one and group coaching is available. For more information on Steve McSwain’s conscious leadership coaching programs, CLICK HERE



As a inspirational speaker, Dr. Steve McSwain’s natural, communicative style instantly endears and connects him with audiences. With laughter sprinkled with profound wisdom, Steve shares insights for life and living he’s learned throughout a lifetime of leading. He inspires audiences through a myriad of fascinating stories, some true, and all real-world, life experiences he’s learned during his world travels. He challenges listeners to reclaim the leader within, to awaken to the sacred side of life, and to aspire to live an authentic, abundant, as well as charitable and happy life. For more info on Dr. Steve McSwain’s speaking schedule, CLICK HERE



Dr. Steve McSwain’s The Enoch Factor is an award-winning book, having been named one of two finalists for “Most Inspirational Book of the Year-2011″ in the IndieBook Awards at the Global Book Expo (NYC).

It has been described as “a candid memoir” on how misguided religion can become and what can be done to restore a vital religious or spiritual life.

It calls for an end to religious dogmatism and narrow-mindedness and the consequential crisis of faith that is driving millions to question lifelong beliefs, change religions, or abandon religion altogether.

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The Giving Myths makes the compelling case that the highest purpose of human existence is to give yourself away and generously share your abundance with the world.

Being generous isn’t the way to happiness, it is happiness.

The life you’ve always wanted cannot be found in things such as career, relationships, personal achievements, or, as Steve McSwain puts it, “…in your trials, tragedies, trophies or triumphs. It is found instead in learning the skill of getting outside of yourself and freely giving yourself away in the service of others. The Giving Myths shows readers how.

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Led by Dr. Steve McSwain’s Foundation For Excellence In Giving is a full service consulting firm providing strategic guidance and executive counsel to non-profits, faith-based organizations and congregations across the nation.

As a Non-Profit, Faith Based Organization or Congregation, receive more information on workshops, feasibility assessments, annual and capital campaigns led by Dr. Steve McSwain and his Foundation For Excellence in Giving by visiting the company website.


Dr. Steve’s McSwain’s Blog Posts

Millennials Leaving Church, But What Explains their Departure?

Millennials Leaving Church, But Why? Millennials leaving Church is a reality no one can deny. Not any longer, anyway. The real truth is, however, the exodus is not limited to Millennials. But why? According to the Pew Forum on Religion in Public Life, three among every ten Millennials is unaffiliated with any religion. But again, […]

The 21st Century Church: “Absolutes” the Church Must Embrace Or Die: Part One

21st Century Church… The popular group Hozier has a hit song “Take Me to Church.” Lest you think, however, the title reflects the current youth culture’s longing to return to the Church they have abandoned, think again. One line in the lyrics goes like this: “If the heavens ever did speak She’s the last true […]

Fears: How I’m Learning to Manage Mine

Fears I think I have always lived slightly afraid of something. • I am not afraid of being attacked like a soldier must feel on a battlefield. • I am not afraid of falling off a cliff, although I would be if I did not avoid heights. • I am not afraid of being struck […]

Rapture: What ISIS and Fundamentalist Christians Share in Common

The Rapture of the Church There are two beliefs at work within extreme religious groups in the world today. First, there are some Christians who believe in what is called the “Rapture” or, more precisely, the “pre-millennial dispensational” view of the end of human history. The other is a similar belief held by ISIS, a […]

Change: Making Real, Lasting Changes in Your Life

Change. Sooner or later, everyone wants to change something.  We begin each new year resolving to make changes… In our relationships; In our priorities; In our health; In our personal fitness; In our eating habits; In our ambitions; In our careers; Even in our beliefs. Within weeks, however, many of the changes we set out […]

Becoming a Better Listener: Clearing the Wax from Your H-EAR

There is no greater need than the capacity to hear. I am not referring, however, to audible hearing, as important as it is. I am referring instead to the capacity to hear at a deeply intuitive level. Becoming a better listener at this level would enhance every aspect of your life. Clear the Wax from […]

Who Is God?

“Who is God?” I am often asked. At the mere mention of “God” my next and almost immediate thought is of an old, benevolent, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-encompassing granddaddy-type located somewhere in the sky. This is the image that comes to my mind. Or, used to come to my mind. I could not help it. I […]

Beliefs I was Told I had to Believe to be a “Good Christian”

Beliefs If you were raised in a Christian faith tradition similar to mine, you will readily recognize the following beliefs, or worldview, mentioned below. If you were not raised similarly, however, this will give you an idea of what I was taught to believe and what many Christians believe still. While I mention only a […]

Divine Consciousness: What “Being Saved” is Really All About

Divine Consciousness: What Being Saved is Really All About What does “being saved” really mean? I am sometimes asked, “You frequently use the words ‘conscious’ or ‘Divine consciousness’ or ‘higher states of consciousness’ and, sometimes, ‘awake’ or ‘awakening’. What do you mean by these words?” What I mean by “Divine consciousness,” or any of these […]

LGBT Community: Evangelical Scholar Calls for Full Acceptance into the Church

Given the title to Gushee’s newest book, Changing Our Mind: A Call from America’s Leading Evangelical Ethics Scholar for Full Acceptance of LGBT Christians in the Church, you might think that the distinguished and conservative Christian ethics theologian David P. Gushee is interested in changing the way the Evangelical branch of the Church regards the […]

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