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As a leadership coach and spiritual teacher, Dr. McSwain guides professional people, companies and organizations to learn and live by the leadership laws and spiritual laws of success. One-on-one and group coaching available.
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As a professional speaker, Dr. McSwain instantly connects with audiences, inspiring them through his stories and humor to reclaim the leader within, awaken to the sacred side of life, and aspire to live an authentic, abundant, and charitable life.
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The Enoch Factor is an award-winning book, having been named one of two finalists for “Most Inspirational Book of the Year-2011 in the IndieBook Awards (NYC).

It has been described as “a candid memoir” on how misguided religion can become.

It calls for an end to religious dogmatism and narrow-minded fundamentalism and the consequential crisis of faith that is driving millions to question lifelong beliefs, change religions, or abandon the Christian faith altogether.

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The Giving Myths makes the compelling case that the highest purpose of human existence is to give yourself away and generously share your abundance with the world.

Being generous isn’t the way to happiness, it is happiness.

The life you’ve always wanted cannot be found in things such as career, relationships, personal achievements, or even achieving the American Dream. It is found only in learning how to get outside your own skin and freely give yourself away. The book shows you how.

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Led by Dr. Steve McSwain, Foundation For Excellence In Giving is a full service consulting firm providing strategic guidance and executive counsel to non-profits, faith-based organizations and congregations across the nation.

For Non-Profits, Faith Based Organizations and Congregations, to receive more information on workshops, feasibility assessments, annual and capital campaigns led by the Foundation For Excellence in Giving, visit my company website.


My Most Recent Blog Posts

Schultz: Why Nobody Wants to Be Around Christians Anymore

Thom and Joani Schultz released a book last year using the same title, ironically, of a blog I had written at about the same time: Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore. Both their book and the blog I wrote went off the charts in terms of readership. Now, they’ve written another book: “Why […]

Prayer: Ebola Survivor Says, “God Saved My Life!”

Did God answer the prayer of Dr. Kent Brantly, the Ebola survivor? He says, “Yes! God saved my life!” You recall his recent press conference in which the doctor offered thanks to God for answering his prayer, and the prayers of thousands of Christians, for healing him of the oft-fatal Ebola virus. Does God Answer […]

Freedom From Religion: Breaking Free of Organized Religion

Freedom from Religion How do you break free of organized religion? If the faith…the religion…the church you grew up in is no longer working for you, how do you break free of it? It is not always as easy as you might think. I know. I’ve been there. In the following video blog, I talk […]

Suicide…an Unpardonable Sin?

Suicide Saint Augustine believed this in the fifth century and, as a consequence, this became the Church’s position regarding suicide for centuries. But Saint Augustine was wrong about this, just as he has been wrong about many other things, including “original sin.” For most of my life, I have let the Church do much of […]

Cheek Turning: Completely Impractical Words Jesus Spoke

Cheek Turning: “If someone strikes you,” counseled Jesus, “turn the other cheek!” Completely impractical words, wouldn’t you agree? Who does this? You get sucker punched on one side of the face and you’re supposed to submissively turn the other cheek, too? Give me a break! Such nonsense could never possibly work. Just ask the Jews. […]

Is Jesus the ONLY Way to God?

Another Cardiac Unit Insight with Jesus… Is Jesus the only way to God? I am often asked, “Is Jesus the only way to God?” “What did Jesus really mean when, in John 14:6, he is purported to have said, “I am the way…no one comes to the Father but by me?” I was raised to […]

Authentic Life? Or, Living to Just Fit In?

Want to Live The Authentic Life? But feel as if there are times when you don’t quite fit in? I know exactly how this feels. In fact, I have lived the greater part of my life auditioning for the approval of others…dancing to everyone else’s tune…doing everything within my power to be liked, accepted, impressive, and […]

10 Steps to Inner Peace and Success…

Inner peace. Success. Who does not want these? WE all do. Here are 10 steps to inner peace and success… Be Love to Others – Inner Peace We are born for love. Not just to be in love and to be loved, but to BE love. You see, love isn’t just something you do. It […]

Difficult People: How to Deal with Them

Difficult People At one time or another, we have all had dealings with difficult people. Do you remember the last time you did? Do you recall the last time someone intentionally spoke words to malign your character, question your motives, or to just upset you? It would seem that some go out of their way […]

Atheists…Would You Want to Marry into a Family of Atheists? Hell No!

Want to marry into a family of atheists? “Hell No!” say most conservative Christians. I’ve been in a writing mode for the last few days. I’m preparing for a keynote in a few weeks at a banquet for several hundred aviators at Aviation Association’s annual gathering, this year at Belterra Casino and Resort. And, of […]

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