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Religious Thought Leader

Religious Thought Leader

Hi, my name is Dr. Steve McSwain. I’m a religious thought leader, an inspirational speaker, writer, humorist, counsel to non-profits, congregations, a communications professor at the University of Kentucky, and a spiritual teacher. But not always in this order. Yes, I wear many hats. But what does any of this mean?

A Religious Thought Leader Providing Coaching in Leadership

Who are you? Why are you here? Do you know? Do you want to know? What about that sacred part of your soul? Feel connected or disconnected? Want inner peace? Strength? To expand consciousness? Your leadership skills? I can help you reach your goals, be a better leader, flourish in human happiness…in short, achieve the life of your dreams. Visit my Life Coach page.

A Religious Thought Leader Inspiring People in Talks and Keynotes

I tailor each talk to the venue. Whether a company gathering, organizational meeting, or congregational setting, my talks on diversity, respect, happiness, the pathway to a more conscious, compassionate & charitable life and the world are pertinent and inspirational. I specialize in human flourishing, generosity, spirituality across all religious and denominational divides, as well as happiness, changing religious trends, and congregational renewal. I tell funny stories of my childhood, my travels worldwide, my life as a minister, and now as “a minister in recovery.” I share the inspiring lessons I’ve learned in a lifetime of leading. See My Talks.

A Religious Thought Leader Providing Consultation to Non-Profits & Congregations

I provide strategic counsel and executive coaching for CEO’s and board members. Feasibility studies, annual and capital campaigns for non-profits and congregations. How healthy is your organization? Your congregation? Is it growing, expanding, reaching others? If you have a vision already and you just need to fund it, I can help. If it’s the other way around, however, and there is no vision, I can help with that, too. Visit Foundation For Excellence In Giving.

A Religious Thought Leader Promoting Spirituality and Unity between All Traditions

I’m a Christian by choice, but I respect and promote unity among all spiritual traditions, too. Why? Jesus did. So did the Buddha before him. Lao-Tzu, too, as well as Saint Paul, Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Mother Teresa, and now, Pope Francis.  Not a bad line-up beside whom to stand and promote bridge-building between all faith traditions. What could be more Christian…more Christ-like than this? Mother Teresa once said, “I love all religions…but I’m in love with my own.” That’s now my mantra for living. Need a more inclusive spiritual vision for your own life or congregation? Read The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God? Visit the Books page.

A Religious Thought Leader Encouraging Diversity

I respect diversity. I encourage unity. Therefore, I created Unity Pendants to brand my talks on diversity. Today, they’re worn by people worldwide. “Why the widespread interest in them?” People want peace and, if peace isn’t possible between faith traditions, where is it possible? Shouldn’t the Church be showing America and shouldn’t America be showing the world how to be respectful of all people and all traditions? Visit my Store to order pendants to wear yourself.

An Adjunct Professor Teaching Communication at the University of Kentucky…Writer/Blogger, too

I am an adjunct professor of Communication at the University of Kentucky.  In addition to the books, my blogs on Imagespirituality, happiness, and leadership at The Huffington Post,, as well as my own Blog, are followed by thousands around the world. Some have labeled me “the voice of the spiritual but not religious.” While I understand why many have left the Church, I’ve chosen to stay instead, hoping to be a catalyst for change. When the church gets Jesus right, as it sometimes does, it awakens a spiritual consciousness that transforms this world. What could be more important than this?

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