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The Enoch Factor BookThe Enoch Factor is an award-winning book, having been named one of two finalists for “Most Inspirational Book of the Year-2011” in the IndieBook Awards (NYC). It has been described as “a candid memoir” on how misguided religion can become. It calls for an end to religious dogmatism and narrow-minded fundamentalism and the consequential crisis of faith that is driving millions to question lifelong beliefs, change religions, or abandon the Christian faith altogether. Order a copy from Steve’s store The Store or varied versions (Paperback, Audible, Electronic) from

The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God

giving_myths_cvr_lgThe Giving Myths makes the compelling case that the highest purpose of human existence is to give yourself away and generously share your abundance with the world. Being generous isn’t the way to happiness, it is happiness. The life you’ve always wanted cannot be found in a career, a relationship, personal achievements, or even achieving the American Dream. It is found only in learning how to get outside your own skin and freely give yourself away in the service of humanity. The Giving Myths will show you how. Order a copy from The Store or from

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