Inspirational Talks


Inspirational Talks

LIVING AN AUTHENTIC LIFE: On the Nurture & Care of Your Soul

This is one of Steve’s most requested talks. He describes himself as “a recovering Baptist minister.” He shares the stories of his remarkable childhood, his travels to nearly every continent before graduation from high school, his early adult life as a professional minister, the tragedy and triumph that changed it all, and the life of wholeness and joy he’s known ever since. While still devoted to the faith of his upbringing, Steve is an advocate for interfaith unity, training people in the art of living together peacefully. As a prolific student not only of Christianity but Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, Steve shows his audiences how there is far more that unites people than what divides them This talk is appropriate for any setting.


Talks - Dr. Steve McSwain - Aviators Assn Annual Convention at Belterra Casino and Resort October, 2014
Talks – Dr. Steve McSwain – Aviators Assn Annual Convention at Belterra Casino and Resort October, 2014

Inspirational Talks


In this motivational talk, Steve probes the art of leadership from the perspective of what he calls the real “Masters of the Universe.” “Many of the greatest lessons we learn about life, living, leading, and legacy-making come from the most interesting of places,” says McSwain. This widely requested talk, surprisingly from members of the secular business world, is respectful of all religious traditions, as well as respectful of those who have no religious association. Steve believes wisdom, even that which comes from the rich and varied spiritual traditions, need not be divisive but unifying and respectful of all people, whether they are religious or not. Steve explains, “Teachable leaders know wisdom when they see it…or, when they hear it…and, for these wise leaders, they welcome insights they can appropriate in order to enrich their leadership capacity. It matters not whether they are a CEO of a major corporation or a pastor, priest, rabbi, or imam in a local congregation.”

“It’s time for leadership maturity,” affirms McSwain. “You can become a great leader but the first pre-requisite of any great leader is openness to truth wherever it comes.” Steve inspires leaders to make leadership excellence an ambition and he does so by sharing the “10” greatest leadership truths in all of human history. “Learn these,” suggests McSwain, “and you will not achieve success. You will have succeeded already.” This inspirational talk is highly popular as a keynote at business convocations, leadership conferences, as well as congregational gatherings where there is respect for all traditions, not a air of superiority.


Inspirational Talks

LIFE MAP: Charting a Course to the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Talks - Dr. Steve McSwain - Keynote to Educators from Colleges and Universities across US at Hyatt Regency Ballroom, Lexington, KY January, 2015
Talks – Dr. Steve McSwain – Keynote to Educators from Colleges and Universities across US at Hyatt Regency Ballroom, Lexington, KY January, 2015

“Did you know some people spend more time preparing a grocery list,” asks Steve, “than they’ve ever spent developing a plan for life…what I call, a Life Map?” In this talk, Steve arms the audience with the tools for creating the life they’ve always wanted. His presentation outline is organized around the three most important questions in developing a life map or a plan for one’s life.

1. Who Am I? “The life you live today determines the legacy you leave tomorrow,” says McSwain. “How do you wish to be remembered? This is where you must begin in developing a life map. You must start from the end. You must write your own obituary. And, I would recommend you do that today!”

2. What Are My Strengths? “The satisfaction you feel about your life,” explains McSwain, “is inseparable from the strengths you use in life. If your chief strengths are not being used where you are, burnout is your only destiny. When you are living into and from that place of your innate strengths, however, the job you’re in is secondary.”

3. What is My Plan…My Map?  Steve shows his audience how to get where they are to where they want to be…how to work backwards from the desired end. The audience is provided step-by-step guidance in developing their own life plan…their personal map to the destiny they desire. This inspirational talk is designed for those organizations interested in communicating to their employees or congregational members the importance of living a balanced, focused life. This talk works well in almost any setting. It speaks to everyone at whatever place they may be in life – from CEO’s to Soccer-Mom’s, from bankers and brokers to small-business owners and congregational members.


Inspirational Talks


This is one of Steve’s most popular inspirational talks. Based on the newest book he’s writing and his own recent brush with death, Steve has mastered the skills for personal happiness and he’s passionate about sharing them with the world. Filled with laughter, as well as insight, Steve explores why the paths so often followed by people do not take them to the single place they want to go – happiness, joy, and inner peace. In this insightful talk, Steve explores the latest research on “the science of happiness,” as well as its limitations. Then, he takes his audience on a wild and hilarious ride to the place of peace and lifelong happiness.

While audiences will burst into laughter at the stories he tells, they feel his warmth and welcome his wisdom in ways that help them to discover the secrets to a full and rewarding life. Steve’s rich repository of life experiences, travels worldwide, and his knowledge of other cultures and traditions give him a unique perspective on life listeners quickly recognize, respect, and will seek to emulate in their own lives. This inspirational talk is appropriate for any setting whether a company event or congregational gathering.


Inspirational Talks

Talks: Dr. Steve McSwain
Talks: Dr. Steve McSwain

WHY NOBODY WANTS TO GO TO CHURCH ANYMORE! Creating a Church People Will Attend

“The religious landscape in America is changing,” says McSwain, “and it’s scaring the kazoobies out of congregational leaders. And, it should.” According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life in America, while most Americans still believe in God, on any given weekend, only slightly more than 35% of them will occupy a seat in the congregation. Furthermore, researchers say the actual percentage is probably much lower than this – since, in most polls, whenever people are asked about their religious practices, they almost always inflate their actual practices. In this informative, inspirational talk, Steve explores the reasons why people so seldom attend the faith of their choice…if they attend at all.

Then, to help congregations and religious leaders, Steve explores the practical things leaders can do…indeed must do…in order to reverse the declines and reinvigorate a culture of interest and involvement in their congregations. This talk is suitable for a variety of congregational settings including congregational conferences, especially those committed to renewal and growth.


Inspirational Talks

CREATING A MORE COMPASSIONATE WORLD: Diversity is the New Normal in the 21st Century

Steve is a diversity expert. He helps companies, community and business leaders, as well as congregations, know how to create a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable place in which to live, work, and interact. This is a practical talk from one of the most religiously-aware, diversity speakers in America. Steve has visited nearly every continent on planet earth. His first trip around the world occurred at the young age of fourteen. By the time he had graduated college, he’d been to Europe and Middle East three times, the Scandinavian countries, including Russia, as well as the Far East and dozens of other countries. Steve was raised in a Christian home and is a follower of the religion of Christianity. However, he is a student of almost all the major world religions, having seen first-hand and up-close the religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and many others. This rich and vast experience has helped shape Steve’s inspirational talks of unity, tolerance, and respect for all spiritual traditions.

Dr. Steve McSwain’s experiences with these varied spiritual traditions has given him a keen and unparalleled insight in how CEO’s, community leaders, business owners, company managers, as well as congregations can create a higher degree of understanding and respect, especially since the world will only become more and more culturally and religiously diverse. “America is now one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world,” observes McSwain. “Shouldn’t Americans learn how to successfully coexist in a genuinely pluralistic culture? And then, show the rest of the world how to do it?” “Talk about providing leadership to the world! What could be more important than this agenda in your company…or, your congregation?” asks McSwain. Steve says he borrowed his mantra for life from Mother Teresa who was frequently heard to say, “I love all religions but I’m IN LOVE with my own.” “That spirit,” says Steve, “will create a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable world.


Inspirational Talks


What is success? How do you achieve it? Is there a way to make it more certain? Even to guarantee it? “Yes!” says McSwain. “What people think about success, however, as well as what people typically do to achieve it, is almost certain to result in just the opposite…failure. “I can show you how to avoid the pitfalls almost everyone makes in seeking a successful life,” says McSwain. “There is a NEW paradigm you must follow. I’ll not only show you what it is but how to appropriate it into your life plan.” The new paradigm is best expressed in what Steve calls “the ‘4’ Pillars of Wisdom.”

“Build your company…your team…your congregation…but, most importantly, your LIFE on these pillars” says Steve, “and success will cease to be the destination you seek.” “Why?” asks McSwain. “Precisely because, you will have succeeded already.” This talk works well in a corporate setting, sales meeting, banquet, awards event, and even a congregational setting.


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"Dr. McSwain is a powerful speaker...truly engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. I would recommend him to any organization" - Lauren Southwood, Sales Manager Butler County Visitors Bureau, Ohio
“Dr. McSwain is a powerful speaker…truly engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. I would recommend him to any organization” – Lauren Southwood, Sales Manager Butler County Visitors Bureau, Ohio

What People are Saying

“Steve was the keynote speaker for our annual CAREGiver Celebration. His wit, wisdom, and personal stories were both engaging and encouraging” (Justina E., Recruitment and Retention Coordinator HomeInstead Senior Care Franchising Office, Lexington, KY)

“Awesome…absolutely changed my thinking!” (Robert B., Retired/CEO Executive, New York City)

“Incredible talk on joy and happiness!” (Wendy W., Administrative Assistant, Naples, Florida)

“Spoke to my soul…” (Matt M., Business Owner Jefferson, Georgia)

“I like what he said and I like the way he said it…amazing!” (Jerry R., Business Administrator, Colorado Springs, CO)

“Tremendous!  Inspiring speaker” (Cynthia B., Lawyer, Philadelphia, PA)

“Far and away the best leadership talk I’ve ever heard!” (Mark O., Business Owner, Gainesville, GA)

“Steve makes you feel you are deeply connected with something grander and greater than any of us!” (Fr. Michel J., priest, St. Paul, MN)

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