Did You Know?…

Now, I did not know this until after I began coaching religious leaders and consulting with churches all across America but, are you aware of just how many different kinds of Baptists there are?

More than there are flavors of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream.

There are…

American Baptists, National Baptists, Southern Baptists
General Baptists, Regular Baptists, Particular Baptists
Primitive Baptists, Free Will Baptists, Covenant Baptists
Moderate, Conservative, and Liberal Baptists
Cooperative Baptist and Great Commission Baptists
Holy Ghost Baptists, Snake-Handling Baptists, and 7th Day Adventist Baptist
Bible Baptists, Bible-believing Baptists, even…

We-Believe-More-of-the-Bible-than-You-Believe Baptists.

There are many, many more Baptists. I grew up thinking there were only Southern Baptists.

Why do you suppose that, in Catholicism, the church centralizes its power in just one principal person?

So the Catholics don’t get confused like the Baptists!

LOL! Come on. That’s funny!

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