Does God Exist?

Is There a God?

Does God exist?

Is there a God?

I have answered that question for myself. You must answer for yourself. Or, ignore the question, pretend you’ve never asked the question, or just wait for the question to return. Read more

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What Do I Think When I Think God? I Try Not To. Here’s Why…

What I Think about God

What do I think when I think God?

I try not to. It makes sense to try not to think too much of God, does it not?

I mean, how does one think of God except in ways that Read more

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The Secret of Contentment: Christ Consciousness

The Secret of Contentment: Christ Consciousness

What is the secret of contentment? Christ consciousness.


But what does this mean?

The following is my attempt to explain these words and how they connected to the secret of contentment.

When I use the words “Christ Read more

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Christian-Nature-Nurture: I Am a Christian by Nature and Nurture…


A Christian-Nature-Nurture

I am a Christian by nature and nurture.

First, by nature. That is to say, I was born into a Christian family. I did not choose this family. I could have been born into a Jewish family Read more

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