Experiencing God

Experiencing God

Experiencing God

Not far from our home here in Louisville is Gethsemane, the monastery where the monk and spiritual teacher Fr. Thomas Merton spent his final years.

One day, a younger monk approached his mentor, frustrated at Read more

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Knowing God: How to Know God

Knowing God: Is it Possible?

There is no religious belief that, once you know it or say you believe it, will magically unlock the door to God. So, I would advise you to remember this: the impulse you feel Read more

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Know God – You Can, You Know

How to Know God Or, Making Room for More…of God Matthew 22:1-14; Philippians 4:1-9

Know God

How to know God. I get that question a lot.

I’ve asked that question a lot.

Jesus once told a parable of a Read more

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