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Who Are You?…

When asked this, how would you respond? I think I will have to respond like this: “When I left America for Europe on my first trip around the world, I left as a Baptist Christian. When, in Europe, however, I realized I was really more than just a Baptist Christian, I was a Catholic Christian, […]

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On the Pathway…But, to Where?

On the Pathway…But, To Where? It’s today’s buzzword, isn’t it? Pathway…Journey…People speak quite frequently these days about being on the path…or, on the journey. But, to where? For some Christians, it is a journey to heaven. Really? Is that the point of this life? Just to endure it to make it finally to heaven? At […]

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At the World Congress of Religions (2012) Swami Vivekananda said, “Nothing makes us so cruel as religion; and, nothing makes so tender as religion.” This has been the paradox one finds within virtually every religion, east and west. The history of Christianity, for example, is one of disgrace, disgust, even the demonic. Yet, at one-and-the-same-time, […]

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For Those Times When You Believe It Is Finished!

I have always loved Louis L’Amour’s statement: “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished…that will be the beginning.” I suspect I’ve loved that statement because more than once I’ve believed it was finished…as if it were all over for me.  And never more acutely than when all the external trappings of […]

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How to Know God

“I want to know the mind of God,” said Einstein. Me, too. But, for much of my adult life, knowing God, knowing mind, or feeling connected to something grander than myself escaped me, eluded, even evaded me. Then, one day, something happened to me and I made a remarkable discovery. Meister Eckhart was right: “The […]

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