Counsel for Non-Profits, Faith-Based Organizations, and Congregations

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Served by Dr. McSwain and his Foundation…

Counsel to Non-Profits and Faith-Based Organizations
  • Capital Feasibility Studies – Strategic planning, goal-setting, vision development, feasibility studies and assessments
  • Capital Fundraising Counsel – annual and capital fundraising campaigns. Dr. McSwain has provided fundraising counsel to more than two hundred non-profit institutions and organizations.
  • Board Development/Training – Executive Coaching for leaders, development officers, board members; leadership training for staff and officers.
  • Professional Coaching – Providing executive-level and personal coaching with leaders of non-profits to raise their leadership abilities and enhance their effectiveness professionally and personally.

Counsel to Congregations

  • 21st Century Generosity Workshops Training a new generation in the art of generosity and spiritual living and giving.
  • Spirituality Workshop Experience a higher level of genuine spirituality…learn the sacred art of knowing God…of walking with God.
  • OurChurch-150x150Mission/Vision Casting Workshop – Guiding your congregation in pastoral planning and visioning for the future.
  • Staff Leadership Coaching and Development – Grow your leaders and you will grow your church.
  • Annual Growth in Giving Campaigns – raises annual giving by twenty to thirty percent.
  • Pre-Capital Campaign Readiness Assessment Evaluating just how “ready” you are for a capital campaign.
  • Capital Fundraising Campaigns – Capital Campaigns for Catholic, Evangelical, and Protestant churches alike.

What Clients are Saying about Dr. McSwain and the Foundation…

My congregational experience reaches across all denominational lines. Here’s a sampling of church and parish clients Dr. McSwain has assisted in the last two decades.

logo_n2“Steve is a solid voice for the future of faith. He brings a message of inclusiveness that is appealing to many faith traditions.  I was amazed at the people who visited our church the day he spoke…He was a delight to have as a guest speaker.” – Rev. Sydney Magill-Lindquist, Unity of Gainesville, GA

St. John Parish – St. John, IN RAISED: $9,000,000

“Steve’s direction, enthusiasm, and flexibility made us successful. He was very efficient…always accessible and made sure our needs were met. His efforts…enabled my parishioners to experience spiritual growth and raise over $9 million dollars in pledges.” – Fr. Sammie Maletta, St. John Parish, St. John, IN

First Baptist Church – Tulsa, OK RAISED OVER $3,911,874

“From the first time I met him until our final meeting, Steve displayed professionalism. I would commend him to any church considering annual and capital needs. Even through the difficult financial times, Steve was always clear headed and gave wise counsel and he was always careful to adapt his own style to my personal comfort level.” – Dr. Deron Spoo, Pastor FBC Tulsa, OK

Immaculate Heart of Mary – Atlanta, GA RAISED $3,474,566

“… our campaign has been a miraculous success … due in large part to Steve’s competency and leadership skills.” – Monsignor James Schillinger, S.T.L., IHM, Atlanta, GA

Westminister Presbyterian – Alexandria, VA RAISED $2,250,814                                                             

“We’ve done two campaigns with Dr. McSwain. Having just completed our second, we raised $2,250,814 to retire our remaining debt, as much as our first campaign. Also, on First Fruits Sunday, we raised nearly $400,000 in cash, the largest one-day offering in our church’s history.” – Dr. Larry R. Hayward, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Alexandria, VA

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Clients Served by Dr. McSwain…

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