Annual Church Giving

“Excellence in Giving” is a 6 to 8-week annual church giving campaign or, more accurately, a transformative spiritual encounter, derived from sacred scripture (2 Corinthians 8:7) and designed to spur the spiritual growth of your members. For more information about this program of Dr. McSwain’s Foundation, visit his company website – the official page of the Foundation for Excellence in Giving, Inc.

Annual Church Giving

Annual Church Giving with Dr. Steve McSwain
Annual Church Giving with Dr. Steve McSwain

With this annual church giving campaign gear toward spiritual growth, many churches and parishes will see increases in annual giving as high as twenty to thirty percent over the previous year. Since this is cradle to grave growth, congregations do not just benefit from this annual church giving campaign for one year but for each year thereafter.

At a time when churches are struggling to “hold their own” and some are seeing record declines in giving, The Foundation can help your church experience unprecedented growth in spiritual living and giving.

While this program serves as an annual church giving campaign to enhance the giving of the local congregation, the program itself regards stewardship as a sacred trust involving the totality of one’s life. It is not merely a campaign with an emphasis on money. Instead, this annual church giving campaign is all about spiritual growth. It is only for those congregations interested in transforming their giving culture and, as a consequence, create a congregation of persons who practice the stewardship of life. Because of this, the Foundation’s 6 to 8 week annual church giving campaign is the program of choice by many churches and parishes.

Annual Church Giving Campaign

Rightly understood, a steward is a manager of life, as well as resources. A Christian steward is, therefore, a Christ-conscious manager of his or her total life, not just his or her finances.

The “Excellence in Giving” annual church giving campaign is designed to make Christian stewards of your people. It is this kind of transformational change that gives birth to generosity in the management of one’s time, talent and treasures.

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