Capital Campaigns

In the life of every church there are occasions when the additional capital is needed to maintain, to build, or to expand and extend a church’s mission and ministry. The Foundation has had vast and varied capital campaign experience within churches of virtually every Christian communion. From congregations of two hundred persons to parishes as large as twenty thousand or more, the Foundation is uniquely qualified to create a personalized program that will guide your church to success.

The Foundation’s capital campaign takes approximately 12-weeks (for those churches/parishes using our consultant in multiple on-site training sessions) or approximately 6-months for those churches/parishes using our consultant as a resident director.

In either case, a four-step comprehensive process is created, managed and implemented by the Foundation’s professional consultant.

Four processes give birth to the successful capital campaign. They are:

  1. Organization & Development
    Vision Clarification Process
    Leadership Enlistment and Training
    Complete Communication Materials
  2. Spiritual Preparation
    Prayer and Fellowship Gatherings
    Season of Prayer and Preparation
  3. Commitment and Celebration
    5 Weekends of Special Emphasis
    Teaching/Preaching – Biblical Giving
  4. Follow-Up
    Celebration Weekend
    Intentional On-going Support for Campaign Duration
    Consultant Availability and Support

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