Generosity Workshops

A generosity workshop is a spiritual experience designed to radically change the giving culture of your church.

It engages participants in defining, clarifying, and answering life’s most important questions such as, “Who am I and why did I show up on planet earth?” “What’s the science of happiness and how may I know its secrets?” “How do I find, follow, and fulfill my destiny?” “What are the steps to success and inner serenity?” “What’s ‘Giving’ Got to Do with ‘Living’?”

This is not a workshop for the “faint of heart,” or those churches and leaders interested only in getting members to give more or, for that matter, to even embrace tithing. This workshop is designed to challenge members to a radically different way of thinking and living. Since generosity is the natural and observable consequence of a grace-awakened life, this workshop is designed to lead members to a deeper, more transformative experience of this Divine grace.

The workshop is only for those churches, parishes, and their leaders ready and willing to embrace the radical way of Jesus himself – that is, to live the abundant life by dying to ego and living a God realized life.

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