Faith Before Which Mountain's Tremble

Faith that Makes Mountain’s Tremble…

Faith makes mountain’s tremble.

That’s what the spiritual master said. “For sure, I tell you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to over there,’ and it would move over. You will be able to do anything” (Matthew 17:20).

Note the following three things…and then, have faith.


1. Faith that moves mountains has nothing to do with “content” and everything to do with “conduct”; nothing to do with “beliefs” and everything to do with “believing”; nothing to do with “church-going” and everything to do with “Christ-following.”

2. This faith, or “trust,” may seem inconsequential compared to the mountain of difficulty you face but, just remember, things are not always as they appear. In fact, what’s more real is not the mountain of opposition you face, but the barely visible faith by which you live.

Faith that Makes Mountain’s Tremble

3. There is no mountain you will ever face, but what your simple, but often stumbling efforts to believe what you can barely see has the remarkable, inexplicable, even miraculous power to level life’s playing field. So, don’t beat yourself up for bumbling at believing…attempting to live with trust in the UnSeen…to lean on that invisible Presence – or that little speck of mustard seed-like faith you know is there but it just seems like it isn’t enough…

Well, just remember, it’s that little bitty believing that makes mountain’s tremble!

This IS the Good News…IS the Gospel…IS the message of Jesus to you…right now…this moment.

So, what should you do?

Pick up the mustard seed within and go face your mountain.

4 thoughts on “Faith that Makes Mountain’s Tremble…”

  1. imho….this is one of those verses and concepts that just cannot be taken literally because people will ask for material things and for sure Jesus was smart enough to know God is not going to give us money, houses, cars, airplanes, and nuclear bombs. (I’m sure there would be some who would ask for at least one little one. lol.) In His time, His people were suffering under Roman oppression, and they’d obviously want to have faith that God would remove their oppressors immediately, if not sooner. But, obviously, Jesus didn’t mean have faith and the Romans would disappear. So, what did He mean? For me, have faith in Him, His teachings, His doctrines, His attitudes, His concepts about the meaning of Life, life’s purpose, the nature of the soul, God, Jesus as Judge, Heaven and Hell and Judgment Day, and what we have to do to be permitted to enjoy Eternal Life with God the Father in Heaven, even on Earth. To start to understand and accept the above, I think He was saying, we must start with a little faith the size of a mustard seed, and then nourish it. Later, the most incredible miracles caused by faith will happen to us.

  2. I long to understand God much more than i am today and search a lot and trust when we pray, even if not all but some he will help us to answer but it hasnt been at all recently for me. I would like to still further understand what he means by with faith we can move the mountains. If there is no devil to stop our prayers why is it so many things happening and even though we pray it doesnt seems to move at all.

  3. Nice post . Enjoying your blog .

    You should know there are several versions of the same typo throughout this post..including in the title . “Mountains” shouldn’t have an apostrophe .

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