Life Purpose…The Purpose of Your Life

Your life purpose! Can you say with certainty what IS the purpose of your life? Oh, I suppose you can and people do…

All the time.

But is it real? Or, are they just deceiving themselves?

<strong>Life Purpose: The Purpose of Your Life</strong>
Life Purpose: The Purpose of Your LifeI cannot say with absolute certainty that there is some grand Divine purpose for which you and I showed up. I just don’t know. I think, when we are really honest, no one knows.

I, for one, cannot say with certainty — not with absolute certainty what my life purpose is: Over the years, I have developed a brief statement that at this point in my journey does seem to work for me in expressing what I feel is purposeful: “To live consciously, compassionately, charitably in the world, toward myself, and toward all others.”

But is this why I showed up? Is this my “life purpose?”

I do not know. I am pretty sure most honest people don’t either.

What I do know with certainty is that each of us is filled with “curiosity,” as Elizabeth Gilbert calls it.

Life Purpose: The Purpose of Your Life

Maybe that is the purpose. Maybe “Curious George” was right. Maybe I’ve spent the greater part of my adult life looking for something that is impossible to find.

Why not follow your curiosities instead?

Life Purpose: Might it be Curiosity Itself?

Why not let go of this compulsory, and sometimes culturally and/or religiously-imparted, but illusory need to find and fulfill some grand, glorious purpose in life?

You might just experience much more peace.
You might just enjoy much more this sacred journey we call Life itself.

About what do you feel curious right now?
Curiosity may just be our reason reason for life.

Take a Look and See.


3 thoughts on “Life Purpose…The Purpose of Your Life”

  1. Coincidentally I found myself this morning writing in my journal a very similar question; at 48 years old what’s my life purpose? And honestly I keep repeating statement that I learned either at church or other institutions but it’s not something that really resonates within my soul I guess.
    Curiosity seems possible and almost too simplistic but, as you pointed out, maybe this is the sure path to actually find inner peace.

    Thanks for sharing!

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