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Interfaith Peace Pendant – Sterling Silver




This religious images in the second design displayed here of the Interfaith Peace Pendant by Dr. Steve McSwain became equally as popular as the original Interfaith Cross Pendant design.

This design is available for purchase in stainless steel only.  In addition to wearing this Interfaith Peace Pendant to promote peace and unity among all spiritual traditions, it makes a great gift, too. A standard size chain accompanies this Sterling Silver pendant. All pendants are approximately the size of a U.S. quarter.


Religious Images - Interfaith Peace Pendant

Interfaith Peace Pendant


Orders for the religious images here are processed quickly (usually the same day) and shipped the same day, too.  The primary difference between this religious image (or, pendant) and the original design is the word “PEACE” in the middle of the jewelry piece. And, the religious symbols of the major religions of the world are distributed evenly around the edges.

While there are many religious images which might been chosen, I selected these specific symbols because they represent some of the larger and more widely known of the world’s faith traditions. The point and purpose of this religious pendant, however, is the same for all the religious images or Unity Pendant designs. It was created to promote a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable world.

In that respect, therefore, this pendant, as well as the symbols within it, are only representative of the larger need facing the world today – the need for PEACE and COMPASSION.  As the Dalai Lama has so rightly said, “When there is peace among the religions, there will be peace in the world.”

Thank you for wearing this religious image and sharing in the promotion of interfaith unity and peace.

Dr. Steve McSwain is an author and speaker, counselor to non-profits and congregations, an advocate in the fields of self-development, interfaith cooperation, and spiritual growth. His blogs ( inspire people of all faith traditions. Dr. McSwain is an Ambassador to the Council on the Parliament for the World’s Religions. His religious images or interfaith pendants are worn by thousands on virtually every continent, sharing his vision of creating a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable world. Visit his website for more information or to book him for an inspirational talk on happiness, inner peace, interfaith respect or charitable living.


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