Snowflake in Winter

Snowflake in Winter

Want to bring yourself instantly into the Eternal Presence? And, there remain? Forever?

Do this…

At the very moment a thought of God pops into your head…

At the precise instant a sensation comes over you that is nothing short of sacred…like that feeling you might get at opening the shades on a cold winter morning and, suddenly…

Snowflake in Winter
Snowflake in Winter


You see the first snow of winter. Gentle. Beautiful. White and sacred. Snow flakes drifting slowly, effortlessly, to the ground with unspeakable splendor.

Snowflake in Winter

For just a moment, it’s as if God himself has fashioned each snowflake and has taken flight on each of them to Mother Earth herself. When they reach her bosom, each embraces and blends with other flakes. Each flake different and yet, alike, too. The thought occurs to you – this is the human family, a landscape of similar beauty. A snowflake in winter is preaching a sermon this morning like none you’ve ever heard.

Know this, my friend.

You have just experienced the grace of God. You did nothing to earn this little moment of Divine visitation. You made no spiritual effort whatsoever to deserve this sacred waking to the freshly fallen snow.

Can you not just say “Thank you?”

Can you not like a child just plunge into the freshly fallen snow and feel its coolness melt over your face?

God has just come to you.

What more could you wish?

Snowflake in Winter

The more you nurture such spontaneous God-births in your consciousness, the more frequently they will come to you. Our Lover, you see, loves to show up where she is most appreciated and adored.

Make this your practice and one day, my reader friend, I have this feeling you might discover what I’m discovering…that you are no longer waking up to see God as the first snowflake in winter.

You are waking up as the snowflake yourself.

What a legacy to leave this world?

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