Spiritual Maturity?

spiritual maturity-blog-post

Spiritual maturity?

Am I ready for this…spiritual maturity? And, what does that really mean anyway?

“Brothers and sisters,” writes Saint Paul, “I could not talk to you as people with any serious degree of spirituality maturity…indeed I still Read more

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Wrestling with God: The Day God Lost a Wrestling Match

Wrestling with God

Wrestling with God. What does this mean?

Wrestling with God

This is a Biblical myth for which I have had much fascination and attraction over the years. It is that story of Jacob who wrestled all night long with Read more

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Life Purpose…The Purpose of Your Life

Your life purpose! Can you say with certainty what IS the purpose of your life? Oh, I suppose you can and people do…

All the time.

But is it real? Or, are they just deceiving themselves?

Life Purpose: The Read more
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Snowflake in Winter

Snowflake in Winter

Want to bring yourself instantly into the Eternal Presence? And, there remain? Forever?

Do this…

At the very moment a thought of God pops into your head…

At the precise instant a sensation comes over Read more

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Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen?

Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen?

For your faith to remain vital you must question it, then affirm it, and then let it die.

Spiritual Growth

Then, you repeat the process.

Do not be discouraged by this cycle of Read more

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Spirituality: What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Person?

Spirituality – the Spiritual Person

The first thing God said to Moses was, “Take off your shoes” (Exodus 3:5).


Freshly laid carpet?

Hardly, although sometimes I think that Hank, our newest dachshund family member could show a little Read more

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Becoming a Better Listener: Clearing the Wax from Your H-EAR

There is no greater need than the capacity to hear. I am not referring, however, to audible hearing, as important as it is. I am referring instead to the capacity to hear at a deeply intuitive level. Becoming a Read more

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Believing: It’s All a Child Does for a Living


Mark Nepo is beautiful in his devotional today…

“Believing is all a child does for a living…”

As a child I used to talk to things–birds that flew overhead, trees that swayed slowly in the night, even stones Read more

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Better Life? 3 Ways to Live a Better Life in the New Year

Want to live a better life in the new year?

I can think of many things our world needs. I can think of few things the world needs more, however, than this: better people living better lives in a Read more

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Generosity in Giving: Best Motivated by Storytelling

Generosity in giving is best motivated by storytelling.

“Once upon a time…”

Not this kind of storytelling. But who does not love from time to time, a good “Once upon a time…” kind of story?

Generosity in Giving Workshop

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Cheek Turning: Completely Impractical Words Jesus Spoke

Photo Used by Permission www.MichelleMcSwain.com
Photo Used by Permission www.MichelleMcSwain.com

Cheek Turning: “If someone strikes you,” counseled Jesus, “turn the other cheek!” Completely impractical words, wouldn’t you agree?

Who does this? You get sucker punched on one side of the face and you’re supposed Read more

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Authentic Life? Or, Living to Just Fit In?

Authentic Life? Or, Living to Just Fit In?

Want to Live The Authentic Life?

But feel as if there are times when you don’t quite fit in?

I know exactly how this feels. In fact, I have lived Read more

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10 Steps to Inner Peace and Success…

Inner peace. Success. Who does not want these? WE all do. Here are 10 steps to inner peace and success…

Be Love to Others – Inner Peace

Perhaps this is what inner peace looks like to you. Photo Used Read more
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Difficult People: How to Deal with Them

Difficult People

Picture Used by PermissionBill Butler @WilliamButler.caDifficult People: Insights to Remember in Dealing with Them

At one time or another, we have all had dealings with difficult people.

Do you remember the last time you did?

Do you Read more

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Prayers: What’s Wrong with Our Prayers? Here’s What’s Wrong…

Prayers! What’s wrong with our prayers? Here’s what’s wrong…what we often call prayer isn’t prayer at all.

Let me explain my prayers this way…

I do not pray to be healthy; I pray for wisdom to make healthy choices.

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Break Free…Living Fully into Your Doubts and Questions


Break Free. Sounds like the lyrics to a song Queen sang in the late ’80’s.

Break Free. Sounds like something one of characters might have said in the movie, The Shawshank Redemption.

It’s neither.

When I Read more

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Purpose: What Is the Purpose of My Life?

What is the Purpose of My Life?

What is the purpose of my life?

Haven’t you asked that question at least a million times?

I talk and write much about this, precisely because I think about it almost all Read more

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Worth of a Dime…the Worth of a Soul!

The Worth of a Dime…the Worth of a Soul

Do we all have value? Any worth?

Ever felt as if you had none? That you were worthless?

“Sometimes,” answered the lady I counseled on a street corner one day, Read more

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