Spiritual Maturity?

spiritual maturity-blog-post

Spiritual maturity?

Am I ready for this…spiritual maturity? And, what does that really mean anyway?

“Brothers and sisters,” writes Saint Paul, “I could not talk to you as people with any serious degree of spirituality maturity…indeed I still Read more

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A New Year Resolution…

My New Year's Resolution

A New Year Resolution… But you can call it whatever you wish – Goal, Ambition, Intention…

It matters not. What does matter is that the New Year Resolution is crystal clear. Concise, too. Here is my New Year Resolution Read more

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Toward Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual maturity is the goal of life, not getting to heaven.

Some reading this will likely recoil in shock. Maybe anger. That’s OK. A few of these will conclude I am beyond redeeming. That, too, is OK. What I Read more
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Wrestling with God: The Day God Lost a Wrestling Match

Wrestling with God

Wrestling with God. What does this mean?

Wrestling with God

This is a Biblical myth for which I have had much fascination and attraction over the years. It is that story of Jacob who wrestled all night long with Read more

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Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen?

Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen? For your faith to remain vital you must question it, then affirm it, and then let it die.

Spiritual Growth

Then, you repeat the process.

Do not be discouraged by this cycle of Read more

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Spirituality: What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Person?

Spirituality – the Spiritual Person

The first thing God said to Moses was, “Take off your shoes” (Exodus 3:5).


Freshly laid carpet?

Hardly, although sometimes I think that Hank, our newest dachshund family member could show a little Read more

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Spirituality and How to Nurture It Within

Spirituality - the Spiritual Person

What is Spirituality?

I like the way Rabbi Kaplan defines spirituality. He says spirituality is “the progressive unlearning of the strange ideas about God you’ve been taught…”

If it is not obvious to you why I like Read more

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What is TRUE Spirituality?…

What is TRUE Spirituality?

For much of my Christian life, I confessed Jesus and so pursued some kind of spiritual life. It was not because I was all that interested in overcoming the self-centeredness that WAS my life…my up Read more

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On the Pathway…But, to Where?

On the Pathway…But, To Where?

It’s today’s buzzword, isn’t it? Pathway…Journey…People speak quite frequently these days about being on the path…or, on the journey.

But, to where?

For some Christians, it is a journey to heaven.

Really? Is that Read more

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