Problems: When Dark Gives Way to Dawn


Problems. We all have them. Which makes all this talk I hear about gratitude all the more problematic.

The longer I live, the more aware I am that there are two distinct types of gratitude:

The first is SITUATIONAL Read more

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Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen?

Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen?

For your faith to remain vital you must question it, then affirm it, and then let it die.

Spiritual Growth

Then, you repeat the process.

Do not be discouraged by this cycle of Read more

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What to Do When a Pet Dies

When a pet dies, what do you do?

This post first appeared on my blog.

What to Do When a Pet Dies

Last Wednesday, we said “Good-bye” to our beloved Oscar, a mini-Dachshund, who brought to Pam Read more

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Near Death Experiences…Heaven? Hell?

NDE – Near Death Experiences.



Questions about whether there is actually life beyond the grave invite such debate.  Immense emotion, too.

Express doubt about whether there is a heaven and you’d better be prepared for the Read more

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Eternity in an Hour…On the Meaning of Mindfulness

“To see a world in a grain of sand,

And a heaven in a wildflower;

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And eternity in an hour.”

— Auguries of Innocence, William Blake

You are the nearest to Read more

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Hunger Games: Be Easter Now!

As with most great movies, there are many parallels to our shared experience as human beings in the most recent blockbuster, “The Hunger Games.”

I loved this movie. And now, I must read the books.

In one of the Read more

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