Life Purpose…The Purpose of Your Life

Your life purpose! Can you say with certainty what IS the purpose of your life? Oh, I suppose you can and people do…

All the time.

But is it real? Or, are they just deceiving themselves?

Life Purpose: The Read more
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Real Fear…and, the “Other” Kind

Real Fear (and, the Other Kind)

There are two kinds of fear…real fear and…well…the other kind.

Real fear is familiar to everyone. It’s the body’s natural reaction to a threat. It’s the immediate and natural physical reaction to anything, Read more

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Judge Not…

Judge Not..." said Jesus. Therein lies our problem. You judge in another what you deny may also be in you. Read more
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On the Meaning of Faith…

The Meaning of Faith

Faith: What is faith?

The Meaning of Faith

Content? Doctrines of our church? The stuff you believe? The stuff we believe? What the Church believes? What our church believes? Your beliefs? Their beliefs? Our beliefs?

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Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself. Hm. That’s not what we normally talk about, is it? It’s usually about asking for forgiveness or seeking someone else’s forgiveness. And then, there’s that sticky problem of what you are to do Read more

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Peace of Mind? How Will I Ever Find It?

Peace of Mind

Stress is caused, is it not, by the internal dialogue – the incessant mental noise – that expresses itself in words and attitudes such as, “This should not be happening.”

Peace of Mind

I wrestle with Read more

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Life is a Puzzle, Isn’t It?

Puzzle: Life is a Puzzle, Isn’t It?

Pam, my spouse, loves puzzles. This is one of her latest. I’m pretty sure she got this one to put together alongside Charlie and Mason, two of our grandchildren. As you can Read more

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Live by Faith…But How?

Live By Faith

But how?

The 6th century Greek philosopher named Xenophanes wrote: “If horses had gods, they would look like horses.”

Live by Faith

Explains why I grew up thinking of God as this big dude (a bigger Read more

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Snowflake in Winter

Snowflake in Winter

Want to bring yourself instantly into the Eternal Presence? And, there remain? Forever?

Do this…

At the very moment a thought of God pops into your head…

At the precise instant a sensation comes over Read more

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Storms: Navigating Life’s Storms

Navigating Life’s Storms

I’m thinking about those times in life when the doubts of faith are many and the difficulties of life are manifold.

Thank God, on the sailing journey of life, those times are few.

Do you remember Read more

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Follow Jesus: Three Reasons to Do So

Why follow Jesus? Or, what does it mean to follow Jesus?

This morning, I opened the Gospel of John to the sixth chapter, desiring to read and reflect on what has become my favorite Gospel account of the life Read more

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Knowing God: How to Know God

Knowing God: Is it Possible?

There is no religious belief that, once you know it or say you believe it, will magically unlock the door to God. So, I would advise you to remember this: the impulse you feel Read more

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Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen?

Spiritual Growth: How Does It Happen? For your faith to remain vital you must question it, then affirm it, and then let it die.

Spiritual Growth

Then, you repeat the process.

Do not be discouraged by this cycle of Read more

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Spirituality: What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Person?

Spirituality – the Spiritual Person

The first thing God said to Moses was, “Take off your shoes” (Exodus 3:5).


Freshly laid carpet?

Hardly, although sometimes I think that Hank, our newest dachshund family member could show a little Read more

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Fears: How I’m Learning to Manage Mine


I think I have always lived slightly afraid of something.

• I am not afraid of being attacked like a soldier must feel on a battlefield. • I am not afraid of falling off a cliff, although I Read more

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Change: Making Real, Lasting Changes in Your Life

Change. Sooner or later, everyone wants to change something.  We begin each new year resolving to make changes…

Change: Making Real, Lasting Changes in Your Life

In our relationships; In our priorities; In our health; In our Read more

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Becoming a Better Listener: Clearing the Wax from Your H-EAR

There is no greater need than the capacity to hear. I am not referring, however, to audible hearing, as important as it is. I am referring instead to the capacity to hear at a deeply intuitive level. Becoming a Read more

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Believing: It’s All a Child Does for a Living


Mark Nepo is beautiful in his devotional today…

“Believing is all a child does for a living…”

As a child I used to talk to things–birds that flew overhead, trees that swayed slowly in the night, even stones Read more

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