Difficult People: How to Deal with Them

Difficult People

Picture Used by PermissionBill Butler @WilliamButler.caDifficult People: Insights to Remember in Dealing with Them

At one time or another, we have all had dealings with difficult people.

Do you remember the last time you did?

Do you Read more

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What Is It Everyone Wants More than Anything?

What is it everyone wants… Happiness…few people find……and, fewer still know where to look? Read more
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Inner Peace…Happiness

Inner Peace ... Happiness Read more
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Two Ways to Transform Your Thoughts

“The goal of the spiritual path,” writes Matthieu Ricard in his bestseller, Happiness, “is to transform ourselves,” and we do that, he says, by “transforming our minds.”

Transformation of the mind?

What the Buddhist monk has suggested Read more

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The Single Greatest Spiritual Truth

What Is the Single Greatest Spiritual Truth You Have Ever Learned?

I got asked that question today and, after thinking for a moment, I suppose I would have to answer like this:

“As soon as you are disposed to Read more

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Near Death Experiences…Heaven? Hell?

NDE – Near Death Experiences.



Questions about whether there is actually life beyond the grave invite such debate.  Immense emotion, too.

Express doubt about whether there is a heaven and you’d better be prepared for the Read more

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There and Here…

Why am I so seldom satisfied with where I am?

Why does over there always appear more enchanting than right here?

Why is it that I look forward to vacation…make plans…detailed plans…imagine the fun, the relaxation I’m going to Read more

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The Return of the Twinkie…

I was asked this morning by one of my Facebook friends from Australia, “Steve, what’s a Twinkie?”

At first, I thought he was joking. Who does not know, and miss, the Hostess Twinkie?

He wasn’t joking. He really Read more

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “Every man wants to be happy but in order to be so he needs first to understand what happiness is.” Understand “what” happiness is? Don’t we all know “what” it is?  Maybe not. Ask people Read more

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How to Control Your Mind and Thoughts…

Maybe you don’t have any trouble with your thoughts, but I do. Thoughts pop into my mind without my permission faster than a mosquito bites my skin on a sweltering summer afternoon. And, equally without my permission.

Descartes, father Read more

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Going Within…Changing Your World

Nepo says that when he was young he talked fast and loud.

Sometimes, I still do.

What he did not realize until much later in life is that “I kept talking faster and louder to the world around Read more

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What Is the Breath of Life?

In the Song of Creation, otherwise known as the Book of Genesis, the writer says of the first two mythical representatives of the human race, “And God breathed into their nostrils the breath of life and humans became Read more

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“Be Perfect!” What? Are You Kidding Me?

To a Taoist (pronounced “dow-oist” or something like that) “there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. Accepting this, we can do everything and go anywhere.”

What does this mean?

Nepo explains it this way: “To the Taoist Read more

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The Mind’s Greatest Disease: “For” and “Against”

I came across this saying and I’ve been thinking about it this afternoon. It was spoken by Sent-ts’an, Buddhist, around c. 700 C.E.

“If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The Read more

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Living Life Backwards…Pathway to Happiness

It’s the one thing everyone wants.

Few people seem to find it.

Fewer still know where to look.

For, happiness, that is.

I wasted more years than I wish to admit…

…wanting to be happy, …not certain, when I Read more

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Ah, the Dreams of Life…

Balancing one’s dreams and drives with the harsh realities and circumstances of life can be a challenge, right? For most of my life, I have lived with big dreams. I have dreamt of being famous, of making history, of Read more

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Black Friday and the Scarcity Effect…

BLACK FRIDAY and the “Scarcity Effect”…

Black Friday’s success is based largely on what retailers call “the scarcity effect.” By creating the illusion in the minds of shoppers that a product is a “must have” item that is also Read more

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I Am Always Arriving…

I am always arriving, always en route, always going somewhere, am I not? Are you not?

Yet, whenever I finally get THERE I discover it’s only just another HERE. I suspect, when you and I can truly be HERE, Read more

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